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How Essential Oils Can Help With Cellulite

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Can Help With Cellulite

Aromatherapy and essential oils have been shown to have a wide range of potential benefits that can assist with the treatment and management of a variety of conditions, yet one of the lesser known possibilities is how their careful application can help reduce the severity of cellulite. Almost all women will experience the development and expansion of cellulite at some stage of their life, and it can be quite stressful to witness the emergence of a clear sign that the body is aging.

These essential oils can help with this by providing a natural calming balm to the skin that helps reduce the prevalence of what causes cellulite in the first case – namely fat, water and waste that accumulates beneath the skin creating the unsightly stretching and pasty tone. The good news is that using essential oils to combat cellulite is not only extremely easy and relaxing in it’s own right, but also entirely natural as compared to to ‘off the shelf’ products that are typically packed with unnecessary chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Do bear in mind that the application of essential oils in this case isn’t going to be a one-off miracle cure; for like most beauty treatments it will require pretty much daily application and care for the effects to really take hold. Equally once the benefits become apparent it will also demand the routine to be continued in order to keep the cellulite at bay – but the good new is that the formula and application is both straightforward and extremely soothing.

Essential oils are effective because of the therapeutic properties that have in regards to managing hormones, especially estrogen – imbalances in which are believed to be a major source of the development of cellulite. Other oils are naturally great for the skin and help combat water retention (another major contributory factor to the the development of cellulite). When combined together it’s possible to create quite a powerful and entirely natural selection of oils that can help enormously in helping reduce the visibility of the condition.

The following essential oils can help with cellulite and all contain properties that are great tonics for fighting cellulite:

Juniper – excellent for stimulating and detoxifying the skin

Geranium – provides a boost to the circulatory system and helps prevent fluid retention

Cypress - assists in regulating the way the body manages fluids

Atlas Cedarwood - has been shown to encourage the body to breakdown unnecessary fats

Sweet Fennel – A natural anti-oxidant and diuretic to help reduce water retention

Rosemary – similar properties to sweet fennel, but provides an alternative scent

To prepare these oils combine a drop of each with around 20ml of what is termed a ‘carrier oil’ such as grape seed or sweet almond. This is crucial because used on their own essential oils can be abrasive and cause irritation to the skin, they must be diluted in order to be effective and safe. This mixture can then be applied as a lotion directly to the body or alternatively added to a relaxing hot bath.

How To Relieve Stress With Only Few Drops Of Essential Oil

Essential oils come in many forms. They are distilled from a specific plant, root, or herbs using heat water. The use of these oils have positive effects on you depending on how the oil is used. Inhaling them can contribute to the stimulation of the mind and body. Eucalyptus, when inhaled, can ease nasal and lung congestion while lavender can relieve you of your insomnia. Another herbal mix is the K2 summit incense. Summit has its unique blend that comes with extracts of rose and bay bean that create a sensational aroma. Another innovation of incense available in the market is the K3 incense. This also comes out with different herbal blends.

Rosemary is an essential oil that has been proven to boost the mood and offer feelings of contentment. Even better, this essential oil provides a positive benefit in overall mood and performance by reducing the stress hormone cortisol in the body. At the very least, rosemary in aromatherapy can be used on a regular basis to relieve stress, induce relaxation, and prevent anxiety. What is aromatherapy facial? It is one of the basic cleansing provided with warm steam towel that is infused with scented aroma oils. A custom mask and a relaxing facial massage follow after the aromatherapy facial procedure. Essential oils have got powerful emotional, metal and physiological effect on our brains.

It can trigger some emotions as well as memories in our mind. Patchouli oil is mainly known for its, spicy, woody, rich, warm, sweet top notes as well as its earthy musky balsamic, herbaceous undertones is used mainly in deodorants, perfumes and to protect carpet and clothes from insect damage. Aromatherapy is one of the most ancient types of healing in the world, having been utilized by people all over the globe for thousands of years. This holistic healing method acts by the scents of the oils directly coming into the contact with the brain’s hypothalamic center. This part of the brain controls hypophysis, the pituitary gland in the endocrine system.

Aromatherapy is the use of selected fragrances or essential oils administered via massage, compresses, baths and inhalation to affect mood and promote health. This means burning scented soy candles infused with specific essential oils can actually change your mood and improve your health. Below is a list of a few essential oils that are commonly added to soy candles and their effect on the human body. They are apparatuses that disperse the scent of an oil into the air by means of heat, cool air, or turned into a vapor at a molecular level. They are safe to use at home, in a hospital, and are commonly found at health spas.

Historically, many oils have been valued for their ability to relieve anxiety, tension caused by stress, insomnia, and similar issues. A partial list of some oils generally regarded as calming, relaxing, uplifting (but not stimulating), or stress-relieving include Atlas Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender, and Lemon Balm.

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Bergamot Essential Oil 101

Bergamot oil originates from a fruit that has dark purple or red flowers. This fruit matures a lot during the winter months. It comes from a green or yellow fruit that is often compared to a grapefruit.

Bergamot is a strong fruit that is pretty bitter when eaten raw. Bergamot is good tasting though when it is dried. It flavors a lot of different things, such as Earl Grey tea.

Bergamot is not to be confused with the herb that is also known as bergamot. The herb is actually a Monarda didyma, and the Bergamot that has essential oil is called Citrus bergamia. The Citrus Bergamot began its life in Asia, though it can be grown successfully in a lot of different places, such as Europe. It does especially well in Italy.

Bergamot essential oil has a light, sweet smell. It is extracted through the rind of the Bergamot fruit. Bergamot is often used in perfumes because of its delicious smell.

Bergamot has a lot of uses. It can help with depression and people who are sad. It can also be handy for people who are suffering anxiety.

It works as a deodorizer. It makes things smell much fresher. Because of this, people will often put a few drops of Bergamot oil in a bowl to freshen up the house before guests arrive to a party.

Bergamot can do wonders for the nervous system and digestive system. It has antiseptic properties. It can heal scars and help sooth sore muscles. Bergamot essential oil works great with lavender to heal wounds and help scars and other marks disappear.

It also works great as an aromatherapy oil. Aromatherapy is well known for its nice smell but also for its treatment options. Aromatherapy is a natural, good option that people use for a lot of different medical conditions. For example, aromatherapy is often used for relieving discomforts and for refreshing and soothing people. Bergamot refreshes people more than other aromatherapy oils.

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The Vaporizer Can Make You Feel Very Calm

Everyone in this world strives in order to have their homes really very sweet smelling and with help of the aroma therapy air vaporizer this is not so difficult.

It will not only make your home to smell sweet and fresh but it will also keep you very calmed. If you love to live peacefully and healthily then the vapir No2 vaporizer aroma therapy air vaporizer is really very good for you.

One can also add number of scents inside the vaporizer which have long lasting smell. The smell of those scents will get spread inside the room and will offer great peace to your mind.

If you go in the market then you will find number of scents which can be used inside the vaporizer and all these scents have very good benefit on your health. And one can choose the scent depending upon their needs and tastes.

Whenever you inhale the very high quality oils which are essential for your good health you let them to penetrate into your lungs which offers you number of mental and physical benefits. There are certain smells which actually triggers your brain and offers you great concentration and by inhaling these vapors one can solve number of difficult problems of the algebra.

Although there are few oils which are to be used or added into the vaporizer on their own, but there are few oils which can be blended together in order to create fabulous or very good scents. There are number of aroma therapy oils which will help to deter the growth of insects and pests if they are present in your room or house.

The aroma therapy oils when added into the vaporizer will help you to get rid of all the illness after a long tiring day and you will feel really very good after some time inside your room as the smell of the scent will make you calm and cool. The vaporizers can help you get rid of all your stress, fatigue, headaches and anxiety, but this will happen if and only if you find a correct combination of the oils.
One should look only for those oils which are recommended for the problem you have to deal with. Or one can also mix 2 or 3 oils in order to find a combination which is good in smell as well as offer you good relief from your ailments.


Author writes for Vaporizer Reviews, Vapir No2 Vaporizer and Space Case Grinder


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Is “All Natural” Really Safe?

In the wild horses are able to travel miles and miles to forage for the correct plants to keep their body systems in balance. Their strong sense of smell and inner vigilance allows them to determine which plants they need to eat. Domesticated animals are limited in their foraging and therefore depend completely on their people to provide nutrition, and care for their needs. It is sometimes difficult to determine what they need, so we do what we feel is best based on the knowledge available, and the advice of our vet. Aromatherapy provides another too to help use manage our horses basic needs and health.

Many companies offer grooming products that have botanical ingredients which may have some aromatherapy benefits. But buyer beware as “Aromatherapy” is a buzz word in many products today from dish detergent to baby wipes, and smelling like a flower doesn’t always equate to “Aromatherapy”. As horse owners and consumers, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves on what we are purchasing and why.

Some of the products for horses, dogs and people proudly proclaim “ALL NATURAL” implying that it is somehow safer or healthier. Really? What about poison Ivy? It is all natural! Arsenic is all natural, but do you want to spray it on your horse, or inhale it as you spray? Yet many horse owners by fly sprays with the all natural active ingredient PYRETHRINS, derived from a flowering plant, which is a known neurotoxin.

When choosing natural horse care products read the labels and if you still have questions regarding the effectiveness or safety of the ingredients, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer. Some ingredients that have sweet sounding names, like Penny royal, are not so innocent. Yes it is a good ingredient for controlling flying insects however it can be abortive. I always encourage people to contact me with any questions.

Before proceeding with natural botanical horse care products test the products for any allergic reactions on a small area. It is a good idea to let your horse smell the new products before you use them. You will get a really good idea by their reactions to the smell how it they will receive the product. Another benefit to using aromatherapy grooming products is the calming effect. A horse that is calm and has less anxiety will tend to be more focused and both the horse and rider will have a more enjoyable experience

There are some basic, oils to start your own barn aromatherapy kit . Be sure to test for sensitivity.by applying a small diluted amount and checking for reaction and always allow your horse to choose which oil to use by offering a drop on your hand for the horse to smell. Never use any essential oils internally. They are for external use only.

· Lavender: Known to have anti-inflammatory , anti-microbial, anti spasmodic, anti-depression , analgesic and calming properties Great for burns and minor scrapes
· Peppermint: Known to have decongestant, pain relieving and cooling properties always dilute as it can cause some sensitivity. Great for spraying in the barn for horses on stall rest or who may suffer from heaves
· Tea tree: Known to work well with Lavender with many of the same properties including anti-fungal applications.
· Sweet Orange: uplifting, anti depressant and anti-inflammatory properties. Also will help with the depression of horses that are on stall rest and helps with confidence.
· Patchouli: Calming and soothing to skin especially when mixed with witch hazel extract.
· Witch Hazel is great for bruises, swelling, under leg wraps, and as a natural tonic and cleanser for the skin and coat.

Aromatherapy and essential oils are a wonderful and enjoyable way to pamper your horse and enhance the special bond between horse and rider.

Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Sherie_Vermeer

Ways to control the stress

We always face stress that comes from the work and life. How can we manage the stress effectively? Many women use expensive and complex methods to reduce their stress while others choose the effective ways that are simple and affordable. Below are such suggestions for you.


Looking after yourself


When stressed, many women no longer look after their bodies which can let their stress level increase. At that time, to lessen the stress, you should spend your time on resting and sleeping, rebalance the nutrition in your  meals, do exercise regularly, remain healthy sex life and follow some hobbies.


Having more positive attitude


Your attitude daily can be one of main causes for your stress. To ease the stress, you need to have positive attitudes toward any problems in your life. Be optimistic, happy, and humoristic. Plus, forget the feeling you need to be in control, the wish you have to become a perfect person and the thoughts can result in the stress.


Creating relaxing environments


Another reason that negatively influences on your stress is the emotional and physical environment. Only by changing your atmosphere, you are able to escape from stress. You need to keep yourself away from chaos, create a relaxing environment by redecorating your house with light colors, listen to music and make your own spa at home with some aromatherapy by using oil and candles.


Relaxing immediately when you want


Sometimes, you realize that you are under a lot of stress. You actually need to some ways to relieve the troubles in your mind. At that time, you can travel, spend little time on meditating, and find perspective in your life as well as imagine what happen in your future. Remember that what come to you in the future will bright and joyful.


Abortion Clinics. Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Ocala Abortion Clinics in March 1996 to provide a full range of health care for women, including abortion clinics in orlando.  

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Handmade Soap Makes A Perfect Gift

A handmade soap has wonderful fragrance and makes a perfect gift for birthdays, showers, holidays, weddings or any such occasions. Rather than purchasing an expensive gift item, which may just be used seldom and then be sold in a garage sale, a gift of a homemade organic soap will show how much you care about that person’s well-being and health. This gift will make the recipient feel a special individual since you’ve presented him/her with something unique, personalized and thoughtful. Moreover, handmade soaps are inexpensive. So, you also do not have to worry about its cost.

Organic soaps are generally hand made from organic and pure ingredients. So you can pamper your skin by using these soaps. The wide range of handmade soaps available in the market offers a variety of heavenly aromas to cleanse and perfume the skin as well as balance the senses. The best part of these soaps is that they have glycerine which most of the commercial soaps do not have. In fact this is one of the primary reasons why our skin gets dried up using the commercial soaps.

Have you ever used soaps with lavender fragrance that are bought from stores and then used a handmade version of the same? If yes, you will surely know the difference in aroma! After bathing, the perfume must linger, bringing to mind the lush countryside of Provence. In commercial soaps, you will generally not get this feel but if you use a handmade soap, you will definitely feel it. In fact, most of the commercial soaps have added ‘parfum’ that are made synthetically. This causes skin disorders and ailments. Those with asthmatic conditions or sensitive skin must avoid using these industrial soaps.

For example, the lavender soaps use lavender provence essential oil along with other ingredients. The smell of these soaps are however not too strong. It is just right. The best part of these soaps is its swirls—it is quite attractive and lathers like crazy. There are also other varieties available. The fragrance of gardenia, Cleopatra, lavender and lemon are in high demand among people looking for a handmade soap. If you know what fragrance he/she likes whom you want to gift the soap, you can order and buy soaps of specifically that aroma.

Mass-produced, store bought soaps are generally hard soaps, which dry the skin and causes flakes. The chemicals may have a reaction with the skin and make it red and itchy. There are many people who are allergic to mass produced/commercial soaps but they may not even be aware of it. Handmade soaps in comparison are of much better quality and suit almost all skin types. Because they are made in small qualities with organic ingredients, they are soft and have a soothing effect on the skin. In a handmade soap, oils from herbs, flowers and spices are used in order to give a natural aromatherapy, which soothes the body. Generally all the natural soaps are hypoallergenic and safe. They can be used all through the body including hair and face.

Do you need a handmade soap to gift someone? Log on to http:// www.cocoonuorganic.co.uk and order the soap. This online store sells organic soap at reasnable rates. Using handmade organic soaps from Cocoonu will surely stop all the skin problems and give one a gorgeous look.

What Bay Laurel Essential Oil Can Do For You

Essential oils have been in the market for over a century now but its popularity has been noted more in the past decades. This is because of its usage in aromatherapy. It is said that this branch of alternative medicine uses specific aroma to treat certain diseases. Because of this, essential oils have come back and become much more popular nowadays.

Essentials oils, sometimes known as volatile or ethereal oils, come from plants. Their aroma is one of the factors important when used in alternative medicine. There are many kinds of essential oils and one of the most noted is Bay Laurel essential oil. This one comes from the Bay Laurel plant which also goes by the scientific name Laurus nobilis. It is also is known to be True Laurel, Sweet Bay, Bay Tree, and Grecian Laurel,. This plant is a large shrub and also a part of the evergreen tree family.

There are many benefits that be found using Bay Laurel oil. One of which is its uses in commercial products like perfumes and lotions. The extracts of the Bay Laurel can be found in liqueurs and in men’s perfumes and colognes. Its uses in female toiletries, perfumes, and products have not yet been established because of its very strong aroma. This oil has also been used to add taste in commercial soups. Aside from perfumery and foods, this oil is also known to repel insects.

And perhaps the most celebrated use of essential oils is in the field of medicine. Bay Laurel oil helps stimulate the right circulation which promotes proper breathing; helps the digestive system that aids in a good digestion; the circulatory wheel that promotes good blood circulation; and the lymphatic system which strengthens the body’s immunity. There is also a study that bay laurel oil helps in treating a drug-resistant strain of bacteria which causes diarrhea. And in addition to the many benefits of this oil, it is also said to help improve memory.

Aside from the physical effects of this oil, it also helps work with your emotions. This oil has a calming effect that helps relieve you of any stress and tension. Also, it is said to relieve a person from headaches and thus allows him to focus on a situation.

But, just like any other health regimen, there is also a down side to it. The essential oil of the Bay Laurel is a skin irritant. This plant can stimulate or even induce menstruation. To avoid these problems, experts said to test first the oils before applying to your skin. And as for those who are expecting a baby, refrain first from using these oils.

With the many benefits of Bay Leaf essential oils, you can try using it through all natural candles. You can also get their benefits through pure aromatherapy essential oils.

Krystal Bennion loves writing and writes about anything.

Essential Oils in a Holistic Healing Practice – Nurses Are Coming Home to Nature’s Gifts

Recently I attended the annual conference of the American Holistic Nurses Association-a wonderful group of heartfelt healers. When most people think of nurses, they naturally picture them at the bedside in hospitals and nursing homes or visiting the sick in their homes through Home Health care or Hospice or they picture them working with doctors in offices and clinics. But nurses are found in a variety of settings today offering many different forms of healing service. As a holistic nurse myself, I have had an independent holistic nursing practice for nearly twenty years offering several healing modalities including the use of therapeutic essential oils. These are the medicines of the earth-nature’s gifts of healing for us.

Nurses perform holistic assessments. They look at the world of their patient/client to see what is working and what is not working as they view body, mind and spirit as a whole. What is not in balance? What is not whole? What needs healing? Then, how can balance be restored? What adjustments are needed? What healing modalities can assist in restoring that delicate balance that holds the person in relationship with their internal and external environment?

Essential Oils Can Assist in Restoring Balance and Harmony

 The beauty of therapeutic grade essential oils is that they work to balance body/mind/spirit. They don’t just affect the physical body-they affect the whole person.  Here is just one example of what I mean-

Wound Healing: Whether a wound is from trauma or surgery, it is well known that wounds can be “deeper” than the visible physical wound in one’s skin and other deeper tissues. Wounds can be inflicted physically, emotionally and spiritually. You can heal a physical wound but emotional scars may persist. Many essential oil aromas have the ability to affect not only the body, but also mind and spirit and thus heal “wounds” on all levels. Consider the power of lavender, Roman chamomile or even rose. Oils high in terpene alcohols are known to up- or down-regulate the immune system depending on what is needed.  This is an important factor in healing not just the body-but also the mind and spirit. The immune system plays a critical role in whether a person comes back into balance. Essential oils can aid healing whether they are diffused, applied topically or taken internally.

Essential oils that are highly anti-microbial may prevent infections or stop the spread of contagious diseases like flu. Examples include oregano, thyme, tea tree, eucalyptus globulus, clove, and cinnamon. Oils that are relaxing enable the body/mind/spirit complex to let go and let “nature” restore balance. Examples include lavender, Roman and German chamomile, bergamot, neroli, orange, tangerine, and ylang ylang. Muscles may relax, pain may be relieved, emotions may be released, and one’s spirit may be comforted. Oils that are energizing can help restore balance when the body/mind/spirit is “drained.” Examples include rosemary, peppermint, frankincense, lemon, and spearmint.

So essential oils can enhance holistic nursing practices and enable nurses as healers to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of their patients/clients. We have come full circle.

Where do you begin to expand your holistic nursing practice to include the use of essential oils and aromatherapy? I’d like you to claim your free instant access to a Special Report on Five Biblical Oils when you subscribe to my free short ezine newsletter on energy healing and aromatherapy at http://www.ISHAhealing.com Look for the subscriber box on the left-hand side of the page.

The PurSleep Aromatherapy Starter Pack is a system of holistic, Essential Oils & Aromatics designed specifically to compliment CPAP therapy. http://www.direc…

Culinary Herbs – Fresh From Your Garden

You may wonder why you should choose to plant an herb garden when you can purchase dried or fresh herbs. There are many benefits from planting your own garden like saving on grocery costs, having plants to nurture and aromatherapy. One of the main benefits of planting is that when you need an herb fresh for your recipe, it will be readily available.

Though you may go to the market frequently, it may be difficult and turn out to be a waste of money to stock up on certain herbs that you use frequently. There are some herbs that are ideally used fresh and no dried substitute to serve the same purpose. Snipping an herb fresh from the plant has a special quality to it that you can taste.

Here is a list of herbs that are ideal to use when fresh.
Parsley. Dried parsley, though available, cannot be used as that finishing garnish on the side of your plate. Parsley, when store bought, has a shelf life and will wilt after some time and can no longer be used. Most people use parsley sparingly. Buying a whole bunch of parsley would be ok if serving a lot of people, but for normal use, using your own plant is better.
Cilantro. There is no available dried cilantro because it is never used that way. The cilantro herb is always used fresh. But like Parsley, it also does not last a long time after it is cut. The leaves will get mushy and brown when no longer good enough to consume.
Mint. Imagine the delight of a fresh mint leaf in your ice tea or other hot or cold beverage preparations. Mint can’t be brought dried and sometimes you just need a few leaves to flavor whatever you are preparing. If you are going to have a celebration in your home and people will be indulging in alcoholic beverages, then it is advisable to buy a whole bunch.
Basil. There is a lot of dried basil in the market but nothing beats a fresh basil leaf or two added to your sauces. Though basil is not expensive and easy to buy, you may not be the type who consumes a lot of it in salads. You may use it infrequently and sparingly as an additional ingredient instead of as a main ingredient.
Chives. It is best to serve this herb fresh and chopped into small pieces and sprinkled as a final ingredient. This herb plant grows profusely and a couple of pots will be able to satisfy the need of a small family for its use. Having a supply of this will do an amazing transformation to a lot of dishes that you make.
Dill. Fresh dill adds that special European taste to your dishes. The taste is subtle and a sprig of this adds color and texture to sauce based dishes. Fresh dill is a must for any gourmet cook. Dill is easy to grow and is high yielding.
Enjoy herb fresh from your own indoor or outdoor herb garden everyday. Learn how to plant and what benefits it can have to your life and even how to use it in so many different ways.

Ginny Greene is an herb garden enthusiast. Visit Herb Garden Center for tips on growing your own fresh herbs and how to use them in cooking, crafts and home remedies. Also learn how to harvest, dry and store them for later use.

Candle Power Can Add More Zing to Your Life

Everyone enjoys candles. Cynicism may make some people say that they do not like candles, but under the right situations everyone can find a time when they enjoy candles. Consider how often they come into our lives: birthdays, romance, blackouts, electrical outages, ambiance, decoration, religious observances, aromatherapy, and scent.

However, when making a case for candles, another way to look at them is by the number of people who will be enjoying them.

When enjoying candles as a single, the keyword is serenity. The following are some times when a candle can help one enjoy the peace and solitude of being alone:

Candles can be used to scent a room in a pleasing manner.
They can be lit to add serenity to a needed, relaxing bath.
Candles with both its scent and lighting contribute to meditation.
Spend an evening reading a quality book in candles.
Even the simple act of watching a flame or the shadows derived from a candle can bring a peace, a relaxation that noise or activity cannot.

With the person you love, the operative word is romance. Adding candles to a couple’s situation adds romance. Eating with your soul mate could be called a meal, add candles and the meal just became a romantic dinner for two. Consider the following:

Light a bedroom with burning candles, signaling to your partner the evening’s intent. Hint: strategic placement near mirrors can amplify the light.
Candles need not be reserved for the bedroom, but can also be used in the bathroom for a luxurious bath for two.
Go old school with a literal candle lit dinner.
Be whimsical and use candle light to make playful shadows together on a wall.
Non-romantic Tip: If a couple is living together (good for singles too) keep some candles and matches (or a lighter) in an emergency drawer for power outages.

When candles are used with in context of a social gathering, the main concept is ambiance. Adding candles in the following ways just speak of class:

With friends or during formal larger events, candles bring a subliminal touch of class. The lit candles do not need be the primary (or even secondary) source of lighting.
Candles can be placed anywhere, unlit, to add a decorative flair to any space.
As always, candles provide such a wonderful scent to the room. Hint: one should gauge how powerful the aroma can be before lighting. It may be better to establish the scent before guests arrive.

Expensive Candle Care

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