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How Essential Oils Can Help With Cellulite

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Can Help With Cellulite

Aromatherapy and essential oils have been shown to have a wide range of potential benefits that can assist with the treatment and management of a variety of conditions, yet one of the lesser known possibilities is how their careful application can help reduce the severity of cellulite. Almost all women will experience the development and expansion of cellulite at some stage of their life, and it can be quite stressful to witness the emergence of a clear sign that the body is aging.

These essential oils can help with this by providing a natural calming balm to the skin that helps reduce the prevalence of what causes cellulite in the first case – namely fat, water and waste that accumulates beneath the skin creating the unsightly stretching and pasty tone. The good news is that using essential oils to combat cellulite is not only extremely easy and relaxing in it’s own right, but also entirely natural as compared to to ‘off the shelf’ products that are typically packed with unnecessary chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Do bear in mind that the application of essential oils in this case isn’t going to be a one-off miracle cure; for like most beauty treatments it will require pretty much daily application and care for the effects to really take hold. Equally once the benefits become apparent it will also demand the routine to be continued in order to keep the cellulite at bay – but the good new is that the formula and application is both straightforward and extremely soothing.

Essential oils are effective because of the therapeutic properties that have in regards to managing hormones, especially estrogen – imbalances in which are believed to be a major source of the development of cellulite. Other oils are naturally great for the skin and help combat water retention (another major contributory factor to the the development of cellulite). When combined together it’s possible to create quite a powerful and entirely natural selection of oils that can help enormously in helping reduce the visibility of the condition.

The following essential oils can help with cellulite and all contain properties that are great tonics for fighting cellulite:

Juniper – excellent for stimulating and detoxifying the skin

Geranium – provides a boost to the circulatory system and helps prevent fluid retention

Cypress - assists in regulating the way the body manages fluids

Atlas Cedarwood - has been shown to encourage the body to breakdown unnecessary fats

Sweet Fennel – A natural anti-oxidant and diuretic to help reduce water retention

Rosemary – similar properties to sweet fennel, but provides an alternative scent

To prepare these oils combine a drop of each with around 20ml of what is termed a ‘carrier oil’ such as grape seed or sweet almond. This is crucial because used on their own essential oils can be abrasive and cause irritation to the skin, they must be diluted in order to be effective and safe. This mixture can then be applied as a lotion directly to the body or alternatively added to a relaxing hot bath.

Six Excellent Elements You Can Do With Argan Essential Oil

Argan oil features a wide variety of uses. It can be utilized to help make hair more healthy, soothe sore joints and muscles, moisturize the skin, help fight skin aging, help cure many skin problems, and help decrease bad cholesterol.

Argan oil is a valuable oil that’s extracted from the nuts of the scarce Argan tree. The tree is native to the island of Morocco and thrives in dry and hot temperature. Argan essential oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins and has antioxidants, that make it an awesome addition to someone’s health or beauty routine. There are numerous argan oil benefits, which is one reason why this natural oil is extremely well-known on the Western market. If you are thinking of getting argan natural oil, you could apply it for the following:

It could be utilized to help make hair more healthy

Many individuals who want to have great and healthy hair are investing on argan essential oil. Argan essential oil is well known to be an excellent moisturizer and can enhance the looks of dry and dull hair. In case your hair has to be hydrated, just apply the essential oil and leave it for about one hour before shampooing it. You could use a small quantity of argan oil after you style your hair to lock in moisture and prevent it from becoming dry after you expose yourself to direct sunlight.

It can be applied to soothe painful muscles and joints

Argan oil contains natural anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a wonderful for massage therapy. When used on your skin, argan oil could offer alleviation from sore joint parts as well as painful muscle tissues. Argan essential oil is also known to alleviate different problems related to rheumatism and arthritis.

It could be used to moisturize skin

Dry skin can be very unpleasant and less attractive to look at and argan oil is among the best options to resolve this kind of skin problem. Argan essential oil is an abundant source of essential fatty acids and contains water binding properties. So, when it’s used to your skin, it hydrates it and improves its moisture and healthy.

It could be utilised to aid combat skin aging

The moisturising quality of argan along with its anti-oxidant elements make it an incredible approach to combat against the indications of skin aging. As a matter of fact, there are actually several anti-aging and skincare products that include argan essential oil as an ingredient. Argan oil aids neutralize toxins that are damaging to the skin. Furthermore, since it moisturizes the skin, it helps fade away fine line and wrinkles.

It can be applied to help solve various skin conditions

Argan oil has anti-inflammatory elements and is soothing to the skin. It may help relieve sunburns and alleviate inflame and dry skin. Skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, may also be relieved by argan essential oil.

It may be applied to help decrease bad cholesterol

Despite its many beautifying effects, argan oil could also be applied to aid lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Argan essential oil could be used as salad dressing or spread on food including pasta or other salads. When individuals decrease their cholesterol levels, they could lower cardiovascular risks related to it.

Before you purchase argan oil, it’s good to know what its different uses are so you can make the most out your investment.

Written by Danica Reynes. To find out more about argan oil benefits, pay a visit to http://www.arganoilshop.com/argan-oil-benefits/.

Practical Use Of Camphor Essential Oil

Essential oils had been known for its own little distance of granting ourselves a chip of heaven within an easy way. They possess various consumes depending upon the user. As what any else indispensable oils possess towards compare, Camphor Essential oil can still earn a difference. It is removed from Cinnamomum Camphora that owned the Lauraceae family. This tree evolves abundantly within China, Taiwan and Japan. It can evolve up towards century feet high. Some of its name are true camphor or gum camphor. What earns it different from else trees that produce oil is that entire the tree spawns active fraction of the oil, making it many productive than others. It harvests much oil that’s why it is harvested carefully. And the tree ought to be at lowest fifty years old within order towards produce oil that earns it quite expensive.

Ages ago, this indispensable oil has been consumed via Persians and Iranians as their weapon against plague. Plague is a severe infection done via rodents and known during wars distance back. The extraction of oil occurs at the agents, barks and bitten wood, reformed and filtered.

Some of its chemical contents are phellandrene, piperitone, methyl cinnamate, cinnamaldehyde, b-pinene, terpinolene, furfural and camphene. These are just a few of its chemical contents.

This oil was mentioned at the Ayurvedic medical system, a old-fashioned medicine system arisen at India and was suspected towards facilitate muscle and joint pains, relieving tensions and boosting the heart’s opposition, making it healthier than before.

This oil relaxant has been proved that it can actually instill positive attitude towards life, maintains glad mood, induces affirmative ideas and motors away depression and depression. It has profound influence towards your body and mind. It is also counseling for tensions, colds, flu, arthritis and else infectious diseases. It earns nice mixture with neroli, chamomile, cajeput, basil and frankincense, making it many loosening and calming, providing regenerating influence that earns our body many active within a many loosening way. But although it provides gentle caress towards ourselves, we ought not forget that this oil consists powerful skin irritant that may inflict further injuries, so we should consume it with additions care, making sure it is properly used.

These are just a few glimpses of impressive powers of this indispensable oil, having its holistic strategy towards the mind, body and emotions. It brings the most sought as soon as silence and tranquility that yourself badly needs, deserting you peacefully at rest. Let Camphor indispensable oil serenade you with calmness.

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Small Fountain for Aromatherapy. Turned from Teak and the left over core from the bangle I made a while ago. —————————————————– In order to help my channel…

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The Aroma Nutriware Rice Cooker: Convenience Made Easy

Cooking in today’s busy lifestyle has become easier for those who own the Aroma Nutriware multifunctional rice cooker. Although it is deemed a rice cooker, the functionality of this appliance goes much further. Saving time by reducing cleaning multiple pots and pans and allowing you to start dinner before leaving the house, this versatile machine is a must have for any busy kitchen.

Aroma Nutriware offers two main products: the Whole Grain Gourmet and the Stainless Steel Rice Cooker. They have many of the same features. However, there are a few major differences between the two.

The Whole Grain Gourmet is able to hold more food and features a fuzzy logic on-board micro-computer. This allows it to adjust cooking time and temperature as needed so that you get perfect meals every time.

The Stainless Steel Rice Cooker, although it does not have the on-board micro-computer, is also temperature sensitive. It is able to sense when the optimal amount of liquid is located in the cooker and turns off when ready. This ensures that your rice is always fluffy and completely cooked.

Both products have internal components that are made of stainless steel. Although stainless steel can sometimes cause sticking with rice, this minor issue can easily be resolved. Adding a little water and keeping rice moist can help prevent any sticking. This is also the only setback to the stainless steel components of the Aroma Nutriware products. Benefits of the stainless steel composition include:

The best possible flavor. Stainless steel does not react with foods, so the original taste is not altered.

Unlike other cookers, the stainless steel helps with cooking whole grains. Diets high in whole grain foods lead to healthier lifestyles.

The Aroma Nutriware Rice Cooker and the Whole Grain Gourmet also feature multifunctional cooking. The added steam tray in the rice cooker allows you to steam vegetables and meat as the rice cooks in the larger component. This allows you to place all food inside, set it, and go about your day.

The Whole Grain Gourmet also has this optional steel tray for multifunctional cooking. However, an added component to the Whole Grain Gourmet allows you to cook other foods easily in one pot. This component is the stainless steel pasta colander. The colander can boil anything. You can boil pasta, lobster, potatoes or vegetables. It also allows you to easily drain liquids from food by easily removing from the cooking pot.

Both Aroma Nutriware products also feature dishwasher-safe parts. All of the stainless steel parts remove easily and can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. This is also a tremendous time saver.

So many families are making poor food choices because of their busy lifestyles. This is due to the inability to make time for cooking healthy meals at home. However, the Aroma Nutriware products are bringing meals back home and promoting a healthier kind of meal. Meals made with whole grains and steamed foods are a healthier alternative than the current cultural norm. And, with the Aroma Nutriware products, time is no longer an issue. http://www.877myjuicer.com/rice-cookers.html

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Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils – Peru Balsam Oil, Olibanum Essential Oil, Pimento Oil

Also known as ethereal oils, essential oils are concentrated and hydrophobic liquids which consist of volatile aroma compounds from plants. They are derived from different sections of plant like leaves, flowers, bark, wood, resin, seeds and roots. These natural essential oils are defined by the distinctive fragrance and essence of the plant from which they are manufactured. Generally extracted by the processes like distillation and solvent extraction, these fragrance oils essentially find their applications in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and for adding scents to incense sticks and household cleaning products. While in solvent extraction the fragrance oils are extracted by using solvents like hexane, methyl alcohol, the left over residue is the absolute.

Absolutes are generally similar to but more concentrated when compared to the essential oils. When essential oils can be produced from steam distillation, absolutes are produced using solvent extraction techniques. Due to the low temperature of production process, these absolute products have aroma closer to the original plant product than the essential oils that are produced from distillation process.

As a leading manufacturer of natural plant products and essential oils, BMV Fragrances Pvt. Ltd. specializes in processing plants for naturals used in incense sticks, cosmetics, soaps & shampoos, pan masala & chewing tobacco. Quality really matters for us; therefore a wide continuum of our natural oils, reconstituted essential oils and absolutes includes the products that are produced by using advanced technical in-house methods, out of which some are as follows:

Peru Balsam Oil

Peru Balsam Oil is dark yellow or brown pourable viscous oil produced from exudite of Myroxylon pereiraa. With typical balsamic, sweet & tenacious smell, this reconstituted Peru Balsam essential oil imparts depth and natural spicy sweetness to a rose, amber or oriental bases. When blended with sandalwood oil, it gives a delightfully sweet and precious wood type odor. This is mainly used in industries like fragrance industry, flavour industry, pharmaceutic industry, food industry and cosmetic industry.

Olibanum Oil

Olibanum is an aromatic resin obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia or serrata. Olibanum essential oil is usually extracted by steam distillation of the dry resin. Also called Frankincense Oil, this oil is nearly colourless, light and refreshing in odour having rich balsamic woody and fresh terpenic smell. This sweetly smelling Olibanum fragrance oil is an important ingredient in oriental bases, ambres, powder type perfumes, floral perfumes, citrus colognes, spice blends, violet perfumes and men’s fragrances.  It blends well with sandalwood oil, vetiver oil, olibanum absolute and cinnamon bark oil and therefore can be used for further perfume developing work.

Pimento Oil

Pimento essential oil is obtained by distillation from the dried, full-grown, unripe fruit of Pimenta officinalis plant. This is yellow colored reconstituted liquid with a warm, spicy and sweet odor. It is used in variety of applications like add a spicy fragrant touch to perfumes and soaps, to strengthen Ylang-Ylang and modify the odour of carnation oils. This product combines well with ginger oil, geranium, geraniol, nerol, neryl acetate, lavender, amly salicylate, opopanax, labdanum products, isoeugenol, ylang ylang, methyl cinnamic aldehyde, methyl ionones, patchouli and orris products and is mainly used in applications of fragrance and flavour industries.

Not only these, we offer best quality aroma therapy oils and natural plant products like cardamom absolute, carthamus absolute, castoreum absolute – 50, cinnamon bark absolute, cistus absolute, clove bud absolute, labdanum absolute, labdanum green absolute, liquorice extract, myrrh absolute, myrrh resinoid, nutmeg absolute, oakmoss absolute, olibanum absolute etc.

For further details on our products, visit http://www.bmvfragrances.com.

BMV Fragrances Pvt. Ltd., is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company offering naturals, reconstituted essential oils, fragrance oils, absolutes, aroma therapy oil, body massage oil, bases and reconstitutions for use in fragrance industry, flavor industry, cosmetic industry and tobacco industry. SEO services provided by Jigney Bhachech, CEO, Opal Infotech, India.

The process of an aromatherapy treatment session can be daunting at first. Learn what happens in a session with help from an experienced herbalist in this free video. Expert: Deserie Valloreo…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Room Odorizer Rush Aroma

Looking to get poppers? Purchasing poppers, requirements knowing where to acquire, and in this article, we will take a look at alternatives that you can go by way of to buy this great room odorizer.

The need to buy poppers is immensely frustrating at times, due to the fact you do not have so lots of places that you can go via to get rush aroma poppers, like Rush Aroma and other brands.

When you have been in this position and wanted to buy poppers, but didn’t have that several alternatives, then this article is here to serve you, and assist you to come across possibilities!

You see, there’s 1 alternative that it is possible to go by way of, and which is to go via an adult store. This might be a good idea, but there wants to be some other possibilities, possibilities that can make it additional convenient to discover the choices that you need.

The most effective thing that you may do, would be to go through head shops, in the event you want a local alternative, but why wait!

Purchasing rush aroma poppers on the net is the best solution. This route gives the most convenience.

After all, take into account, when you go by means of an adult store or head shop, you have to travel. When you get poppers on line, it is possible to be sure that you have some thing incredible happening. You’ll be able to go by means of and order, and then you’ll be able to go by means of and carry on with what you doing.

The product is shipped to you, and you’ve it in a short time period. If you need to purchase amyl nitrite poppers, then the Internet is the very best route to make it take place!

I discovered it challenging to discover poppers, but there was a place I found, and I wanted to share with you. Want a terrific supply to isoamyl nitrite? Follow the link and locate the most popular!

Great Ideas For Stocking Stuffers

Looking for that perfect stocking stuffer for friends, family or your beloved? Picking out clothes for somebody else can sometimes be tricky but choosing stocking stuffers is fun. What are some fun things almost anybody would love or could use? Here are four things we thought of:

1. Essential Oils – Essential oils have become the multi-use gift. One can use the oils directly, as in applying it to their skin, or they can use it for aromatherapy. What is aromatherapy? It is a form of alternative medicine that uses plant oils for the use of altering ones mood or health. Some essential oils can be applied topically and have anti-microbial effects, such as tea tree oil. But the most common types of oils used in aromatherapy include lavender, lemon or sandalwood. Lavender is believed to help one relax, lemon is uplifting and is an anti-depressant, and sandalwood is considered an aphrodisiac. It is believed the oil affects the limbic system through the sense of smell. There are different types of essential oils. Undiluted essential oils are the most suitable for aromatherapy and are called therapeutic grade. Essential oils are extracted from plants chiefly through steam distillation. Some are extracted from flowers or plant tissues, such as rose, these are called Absolutes.

2. Candles – Here you can combine the above aromatherapy and the beauty of a candle. Many candles these days come with essential oils infused into the candle and are released when it is burned. Candles are made of a variety of products such as paraffin, beeswax, soy, tallow and other plant waxes. Other plant waxes can include palm, carnauba, bayberry or soy. Tallow is rarely used today as there are other cheap wax alternatives. Candles come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. There are pillar candles, taper candles, gel candles, floating candles, container candles, votive candles, luminaria candles, and tealight candles. Candles have been used for many years, for light and practical purposes to ceremonial and religious purposes.

3. Fun Socks – Everybody has to wear socks, so why not buy your loved one a fun pair of socks. Socks these days come in numerous styles, colors and are made of a wide variety of materials. Sock materials include cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene and spandex. There are smart socks, silk socks, socks made of fine materials such as silk, bamboo, linen, cashmere and mohair. There are socks for every holiday or for nearly every hobby.  There are socks sold in mismatched pairs, socks with individual toes, socks for walking around the house and socks for wearing with suits. Whatever your sock need is, there is a sock for you. In that, buying socks as a stocking stuffer can be fun.

4. Fine Lotions – Who doesn’t use lotion? Today the quality and types of lotions available are numerous. Lotions with essential oils are quite popular as one gets a two-in-one deal. Lotions come in what is called low- to medium-viscosity. Most lotions are made from oil-in-water and use cetearyl alcohol to keep the two together. Some lotions are medicated others are specially created for skin rejuvenation or as anti-wrinkle creams. Lotions are often categorized, there is bath lotion, hand lotion, body lotion, and bath lotion. There are lotions that use pure fragrances and lotions that use artificial fragrances.

Any or all of these gift ideas make the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas.

Sheila Harris is the general manager of Cotton Island a womens fashion boutique. Cotton Island always carries the newest and freshest styles that won’t break your pocketbook. The womens boutique can be found at http://www.cottonisland.com.

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The application of essential oils to the body by means of lotions

The application of essential oils to the body by means of lotions, creams and oils is an ideal way to pamper yourself. These nutritional preparations and well perfumed are very relaxing. By incorporating essential oils into your beauty regimen that not only helps eliminate toxins from the body by stimulating circulation, but also improve skin texture and condition. The calming and relaxing oils calms the emotions, relaxes the muscles, leaving the skin with a subtle perfume is certainly a pleasure to use. “teeth whitening”

The use of these mixtures will help keep your skin healthy for cell renewal and regeneration, detoxification, promoting good circulation and helping to maintain balanced output of sebum, the skin’s natural oil. Body oils contain emollient oils, plant nutrients with healing properties, however, if you require less fat texture then simply add the mixture to the natural store bought or homemade creams or lotions. You can use these beauty treatments all day at the scent of your skin and help keep it in optimal conditions. If you apply after bathing will help with absorption. Only small amounts of these balms and oils should be prepared at one time, so that the scents are as fresh as possible and have the maximum therapeutic effect. “acne treatments”

Before using any of these, please make sure you do not use them in any person with an allergy to nut oil to avoid the very real danger of anaphylactic shock.

Moisturizing Body Balm

To do this, you need the following:

unrefined beeswax 20g

100 ml sweet almond oil

100 ml orange flower water

One of the mixtures of essences

Shaved beeswax in a glass or ceramic and add sweet almond oil. Place the bowl in a pot of water and heat gently until the wax has melted. While this is going to heat the orange flower water in another water bath. When both water flowers and beeswax mixture is warm, remove from heat and combine. Then add the essential oils and mix well. Pour balm in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator.

Body Oil for normal skin

25ml sweet almond oil

10 ml jojoba oil

10 ml evening primrose oil

5 ml of avocado oil or wheat germ

Mix well and add a mixture of essence.

Body Oil for dry skin

40ml sweet almond oil

5 ml of jojoba oil

5 ml of avocado oil

Mix and add a mixture of essence.

During the day Essence Blend

This is a stimulating mix of promoting a peaceful and positive attitude for the day:

4 drops of frankincense oil

6 drops of geranium oil

2 drops of rose oil

Bedtime Blend of essences

This relaxing blend helps promote sleep:

10 drops of lavender oil

2 drops Neroli oil

2 drops of chamomile oil

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From relaxation to rejuvenation, create your ideal environment using the Herbalizer in aromatherapy mode. Set the timer to a few minutes—or an hour, then set the fan to Quiet and enjoy the…

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What are carrier creams and how do you use them?


In the world of massage and spa treatments, a carrier is any type of substance used as base ingredient for a treatment for the skin and body. The two most common types of carriers are oils and creams. Essential oils and other active ingredients are added to the carrier cream or oil, which in itself has little or no therapeutic value, and the resulting formulation can be used for specific applications.

One benefit of a carrier cream (or oil), is that it has the ability to dilute the essential oils which are added to it. This results in an added measure of safety, since some essential oils and other holistic ingredients can be quite potent and potentially harmful if used the wrong way. Another benefit of a carrier cream or oil is that it presents a virtually limitless range of options. The same carrier cream can be used to make a product to invigorate and energize, or a product to calm and soothe. By itself, a carrier cream or oil is neutral; it has no fragrance, no added active ingredients, and no magical properties.

So how do you use a carrier cream? The first step is to find the right cream depending on your personal preference. For example, if you are looking to create a product for which to use with massage, the proper carrier cream should have a smooth and silky consistency. These carrier creams are often made using sweet almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba, and shea butter. If you are looking for a carrier cream to make a facial treatment, however, the carrier cream should be very light and pure so that it doesn’t clog pores or irritate the skin.

Once you have chosen your carrier cream, you are now ready to begin making custom formulations. It is a good idea to start by making small batches. For each batch, start by applying a few drops of the chosen essential oil. To make a massage cream, for instance, all that is needed is one ounce of carrier cream and 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil. To make an anti-fungal cream to treat a skin condition, one ounce of carrier cream and 4-6 drops of tea tree or eucalyptus oil will do the trick. In other words, the carrier oil or cream will usually make up about 99% of your final formulation.

One last word of advice is to make sure that you keep your carriers safe from cross-contamination. Never return unused product to your container of carrier cream, and always wash your hands before and after mixing a formulation. When scooping out pruduct, use a spatula or spoon and never your hands.

With the right products and a little bit of experimentation, you will have the ability to create a wide variety of skincare products without paying expensive spa prices!


Visit www.organicbodybutter.info for more information about Organic body Butter

Recommended moisturizing body oils and creams


Applying essential oils to the body through the medium of moisturizing lotions, creams and oils is an ideal way to pamper yourself. These nourishing and beautifully perfumed preparations are extremely relaxing. By incorporating essential oils into your beauty regime you not only help eliminate toxins from the body  by stimulating the circulation, but also improve your skin texture and condition. The tranquillizing and soothing effect of the oils calms the emotions, relaxes muscles, leaves the skin with a subtle perfume and is certainly a pleasure to use.

 Using these blends will help keep your skin healthy by cell renewal and regeneration, detoxification, encouraging good circulation and helping maintain the balanced output of sebum, the skin’s natural oil. The body oils contain emollient, nutrient vegetable oils that have regenerative properties, however if you require  less greasy texture then simply add the blends to natural shop bought or home made creams or lotions. You may use these beauty treatments every day to fragrance your skin and to help keep it in peak condition. If you apply them after bathing it will help with absorption. Only small amounts of these  balms and oils should be prepared at one time so that the essences are as fresh as possible and have the maximum therapeutic effect.

Before using any of the following, please ensure that you will not be using these on anyone who has an allergy to nut oil to avoid the very real danger of anaphylactic shock.

 Moisturizing Body Balm

 For this you will need the following :

20g unrefined beeswax

100ml sweet almond oil

100ml orange flower water

One of the blends of essences

 Shave the beeswax into a glass or ceramic bowl and add the sweet almond oil. Place the bowl in a saucepan of water and heat it gently until the beeswax has melted. Whilst this is happening heat the orange flower water in another double boiler. When both the flower water and the beeswax mixture are warm, remove them from the heat and combine them together. Then add the essential oils and mix thoroughly. Pour the balm into an airtight jar and store in the refrigerator.

 Body Oil For Normal Skin

25ml sweet almond oil

10ml jojoba oil

10ml evening primrose oil

5ml avocado or wheat germ oil

Mix together thoroughly and then add one of the essence blends.

 Body Oil For Dry Skin

40ml sweet almond oil

5ml jojoba oil

5ml avocado oil

Mix together and add one of the essence blends.

 Daytime Blend of Essences

This is an uplifting blend to promote a calm, positive outlook to the day:

4 drops of Frankincense oil

6 drops of Geranium oil

2 drops of Rose oil

 Bedtime Blend of Essences

This relaxing blend helps encourage a peaceful sleep:

10 drops of Lavender oil

2 drops of Neroli oil

2 drops of Camomile oil


Visit www.organicbodybutter.info for more information about Organic body Butter

Use earphone to listen the voice in this video – Renowned Cosmetologist and Aromatherapist Dr Naresh Arora of Delhi, explains that Aromatherapy has many benefits to the person being treated…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes D’or – Simply An Exquisite Champagne!

Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes dOr Brut 1998 is an exquisite champagne that has charmed the taste buds of wine lovers for years and years. It is made by blending equal quantities of chardonnay and pinot noir grapes, which come together to complement each other fantastically. Its swirling bubbles enchant the drinkers just as well as its aroma captivates their noses.

It is rated very highly by wine experts all over the world and highly admired for the classy shape of the bottle that has smooth contours on the outside, much like the bubbles that swirl around inside. Connoisseurs of fine wines throng the gates of Syosset liquor stores which offer the best deals when it comes to buying champagne in NYC.

This wine has a yellow golden bronze hue that is quite distinct and well supported by enchantingly twirling bubbles, which are characteristics of champagnes. Due to these bubbles, shipping champagne is a common task for wine stores that offer free delivery across the country. The bubbles move around the glass in a bewitching manner which enamors the drinkers and form a very distinguishable collar around the rim of the glass.

The complex and mature fragrances of violets & black cherries mesmerize the nose one by one and commence their foray on the olfactory senses. Due to the buttery and toasty notes of the aroma that this wine possesses, champagne drinkers look for Syosset stores that offer wine deals by the case.

Each glass of the generous Nicolas Feullitta Palmes dOr Brut 1998 enchants the consumer with delectable tastes that speak volumes of the makers craft. This golden colored sparkling wine is well known for the crisp flavors of lemon chiffon and malted grain. The successive tastings reveal the consistency of the crushed fruit flavors that are supplemented by the aroma of mocha, which, in turn, is raised by spicy fragrances.

The makers of the wine knew very well that it will charm the drinkers to variegated degrees for numerous years without a single complaint. As is the characteristic of well balanced wines, the finish of this sparkling wine is elegant, fully developed and harmonious, thereby making it one of the beverages that are chosen for champagne shipping regularly by the drinkers.

Wine lovers are actively buying this champagne in NYC because it goes well with truffle salad, caviar and fresh pasta. This is because of the foods texture and flavors ability to elevate this sparkling wines complex aromas.

This wine also tastes great with sardines, mature, hard rind cheeses, pastas with truffles and various gourmet dishes, namely foie gras, lobster, scallops, fruit tart (with apricots or tropical fruits). The wine makes the abovementioned dishes more palatable and welcoming to the stomach, which renders it with the performance that compels people to ask wine stores for free champagne shipping.

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